Legendary beers

The Walloon brewery Brasserie Des Légendes labels extremely diverse bottles with the highest level of precision. RENNER contributes to the new bottling line with its reliable technology and excellent service.

Brasserie des Légendes

Around 60 kilometres southwest of Brussels, Pierre Delcoigne and his wife Vinciane Wergifosse have revived the long tradition of Belgian brewing in a unique manner. They cultivate the barley themselves and the brewing process is completely natural; the names of the craft beers recall legendary giants and mythological creatures.


More output with new technology

In order to perfectly label APO, Vichy, Steinie, flip-top and champagne bottles with greater performance, the brewery chose a RENNER S 720 Servo with two wet adhesive units and visual flip-top alignment for their new bottling line. Twelve servo-controlled bottle pads position the containers without wear and with high precision. The presser, which moves along with the bottles, holds the legendary labels onto them. This ensures that they do not fall off or shift out of place before the discharge with subsequent position check.


Secure handling for flip-top bottles

Thanks to the integrated stopper check, reversed wire bales and labelling of stopper-less bottles belong now to the past. The One Touch Panel in the local language gives the operating personnel a good overview and accelerates the conversion process.

We are completely satisfied, summarises Pierre Delcoigne while emphasising RENNERs service philosophy: We received all integration and connection data for our new hall construction in advance. That was an enormous help!

Based in the “land of the giants” – the Walloon castle of Irchonwelz

The Client

  • Craft brewery that grows its own barley
  • Specialised in natural beers
  • Increasing variety of formats and labels



The Challenge

  • Precise and cost-efficient labelling for the new bottling line
  • Visual flip-top bottle alignment
  • Label position check for perfect appearance




The Solution

  • RENNER S 720 with twelve servo-controlled bottle pads and 2-level camera system
  • One Touch Panel in the local language
  • Specific planning assistance for the new hall construction



The perfect interplay of a camera system and servo-controlled bottle pads ensures the highest level of precision.
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