More flexibility, a step at a time


At the Einsiedler private  brewery in Chemnitz, another advantage of the RENNER modular system has  become evident:  in contrast to large table  machines, even small openings are  sufficient for bringing  the machine into the hall.



Einsiedler Brauhaus

The new labelling solution for the Einsiedler brewery needs to be innovative, flexible and hygienic, but it must also be easy to disassemble – because the hall where the tasty, red-gold, country-style Landbier is bottled is on the first floor. The only option, apart from breaking open the building, is an opening that is just 1.6 m wide.



Thanks to its modular design, the ordered RENNER S960 Modul fitted through the gap – with the units and hygienic front table disassembled. Each of the assemblies brought a little more flexibility to the future labelling of the Einsiedler beers and draft beers. As some of the beers are exported to China, the design has to be attractive internationally – even tomorrow and on into the future. For example, self-adhesive dispensers can easily be retrofitted  if necessary.



Einsiedler has already had the wet-adhesive unit for back labels delivered as a module with automatic height adjustment, so that the standardised back label can be adapted automatically to various products without any set-up time. “We are thrilled with the project and the re- sults,” said the delighted bottle cellar master, Nico Hoff- mann. “The machine works reliably, quietly and cleanly. And even after the delivery, our cooperation carried on in a quite exemplary way.”




The museum of the listed brewery

The Client

  • Private brewery in Chemnitz – founded in 1885, nationalised in 1972 and reprivatised in 1990
  • Craft-brewed beers and draft beers with the company’s own spring water from the depths of the Erz Mountains




The Challenge

  • Future-proof labelling solution in a hygienic design
  • Modular structure – for future market requirements and for easy installation in the hall



The Solution

  • RENNER S960 Modul
  • Initial equipment: 2 wet- adhesive units, with one as a module with automatic height adjustment
  • Integrated label-positioning check



Investment protection: The Renner S960 Modul can be adapted to future requirements in the tightest of spaces.
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