Engineering expertise for Heineken Slovensko: to avoid the need for new investment, RENNER converted the existing Krones machine into a U-shape to accommodate an additional tax strip to be applied.

The premium cider from the UK has a tax strip for international sales


All in the name of tax



With the famous German engineering ingenuity, RENNER took on a particularly tricky task for HEINEKEN Slovensko: for the international sale of Strongbow® cider, which is produced under licence, the company was looking for a technical solution for applying a U-shaped tax strip. This needed to go over the cap and also be aligned with the front, back and neck ring

labels. The required alignment precluded an external machine upgrade to include a separate module for tax strips. However, a complete rebuild was also out of the question for the customer.


Conversion of the Krones machine


RENNER, which had already proved itself as a spare and format parts supplier for the existing Krones labelling machine, found a solution after intensive analysis and consultation: the Krones machine fitted with three wet adhesive units was converted so that the body and neck ring labels are applied on the first unit, the tax strips on the second and the back label on the third. An additional device constructed in the machine discharge area reverses the strip, which was initially stuck onto the front of the bottle, before it is fully pressed onto the back of the bottle by a special discharge starwheel. To create space for this process, RENNER made the foil unit required for labelling of the beer brand Zlatý Bažant height adjustable. Task completed


Chief Engineer Peter Barta is highly satisfied:



“RENNER was the only supplier to accept this difficult task and successfully completed it.This means we can continue to process all the previous features and, if necessary, apply the new U-shaped tax strips.”


The Client

  • Heineken Slovensko
  • Well-known brands:
    Heineken, Zlatý Bažant, Strongbow Cider, etc.



    The Challenge

    • Application of tax strip for Strongbow Cider Integrated solution on existing Krones machine Safeguarding of previous function including tin foil



      The Solution

      • Reconfiguration of the three wet adhesive units
      • Integration of a reversing unit in the machine discharge area and a special discharge starwheel for pressing on
      • Height-adjustable design of the foil unit
      Thanks to the parts developed by RENNER, it was not necessary to have either a complete rebuild or an external extension of the machine
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