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Obstland Dürrweitzschen AG

After the June floods of 2013, the Sachsenobst wine press facility in Saxony was in need of urgent assistance. Following a short-notice repair, RENNER replaced both labelling machines with a flexible combined solution.

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RENNER S Combi at Sachsenobst


When the waters of the Freiberger Mulde receded in mid-June 2013, they left behind them a trail of destruction with the Sachsenobst wine press facility at the heart of Saxony one of the companies affected. Its labelling machines in the production plant just outside of Döbeln were submerged under 1.5 metres of water and urgent assistance was required.


Labelling machines out of operation

Several thousand tonnes of the more than 40,000 tonnes of apples, pears, cherries and berries that are produced in Saxony every year are used to make the popular juices and fruit wines under the brand 'Sachsenobst'. But when the floods came, production came to a halt. Johannes Zimmermann, Technical Manager at the Obstland Dürrweitzschen AG wine pressing facility, recalls the major damage caused, including in bottle labelling: "The floods almost destroyed our Krones Canmatic wet adhesive and Krones Universella hot adhesive machines, so we were in urgent need of a quick solution to allow us to recommence production."


From temporary to combined solution

The longed-for, short-notice assistance came from Bavaria, from the Günzburg headquarters of RENNER Etikettiertechnik GmbH. Within just a few days, Managing Director Steffen Renner’s team of experts had temporarily restored the two damaged the machines. Technicians with experience working on Krones machines re-engineered the electrical system, disassembled the units and relieved them of the sand that had accumulated inside. The machines were then re-lubricated and topped up with clean oil. "No other manufacturer was able to help us at such short notice", explains Johannes Zimmermann, who had already been taking advantage of RENNER's new format-specific and spare parts services. As a more long-term solution for the damaged machines, the wine press facility looked at a number of alternative solutions from a range of manufacturers over the subsequent three months.


Wet and hot adhesive on a single machine

Following a personal meeting at Drinctec in October 2013, the Sachsenobst wine press facility decided on the RENNER S Combi system, which offers wet and hot adhesive labelling on a single machine. The RENNER S 960-16 Servo Combi machine, which was ordered following a specialist trade fair, not only contains two wet adhesive units for VdF and Bordeaux type bottles of varying sizes, but also a pre-cut unit for furnishing 0.33 and 1 litre PET containers with pre-cut wrap-around labels. The sealed hot adhesive system from Nordson uses high-pressure nozzles to spray on ultra-thin strips of adhesive. RENNER believes that this yields a 40 percent saving in adhesive consumption when compared to conventional roller application, in addition to a reduction in the maintenance and cleaning outlay required by Sachsenobst. The machine also allows continuous adjustment of adhesive quantities and temperature to ensure better labelling.


Wear-resistant servo technology

The container table of the RENNER S Servo Combi, which is optimised for round containers, measures 960 mm in diameter and features 16 servo-driven bottle pads. "The wear-resistant servo technology gives us a customer-specific combination of labelling methods, such as wet adhesive, PSL, pre-cut and rollfed application", explains Steffen Renner. "This ensures that our customers gain improved efficiency and new design options." Additional design features of the RENNER solution include centrally-consolidated lubrication points, which help to reduce maintenance outlay, and universal clamping stars, which are capable of holding all types of glass and PET containers used by Sachsenobst. Bottle pads are controlled in a precise and wear-resistant manner via polygon shafts, which, by being positioned above the servo drive, are well sealed against water ingress.


Good things come from above

The international labelling specialists from Bavaria were faced with an additional challenge in that the new machine could only be lowered into the bottling hall through a relatively narrow skylight in the roof. To get around this issue, the RENNER engineers quickly adapted the width of the machine, reducing it from 230 to 215 mm. "We were delighted at how quickly and professionally RENNER were able to remedy this problem", explains Johannes Zimmermann. "They were able to send us the modified layout after just two hours." The combi machine was delivered at the end of January 2014. Following a ten-day installation and configuration period, the unit was put into operation one month later.


Savings on setup and maintenance costs

Johannes Zimmermann estimates that spare part and maintenance costs have been reduced by 25 percent by consolidating two machines into one. The wine press facility has also gained from the introduction of universal clamping stars for glass and PET, which have reduced setup costs and helped to reduce the physical strain on operating personnel. The Technical Manager of the facility has also seen a number of quality improvements, especially in brushing on and label positioning.


Conclusion: rapid assistance, sustainable solution

The management at Sachsenobst have also been impressed with the additional space that the new machine solution has created in the bottling hall. "We hope that we will be able to profit from the new machine for as long as possible, in addition to the added flood protection we have gained", adds Steffen Rockmann, Managing Director of the Sachsenobst wine press facility. "RENNER has provided us with extremely rapid support and developed a truly sustainable solution for us, one that will allow us to continue labelling for at least 15 years with maximum efficiency and flexibility, despite fairly restricted space."

The Client

  • Obstland Dürrweitzschen AG production facilities
  • Bottling the famous 'Sachsenobst' brand fruit juices and fruit wines
  • Annual turnover (group):
    EUR 60,992 million ( 2012)



The Challenge

  • Rapid recommissioning of both existing Krones labelling machines
  • Replacement investment: consolidated solution for PET and glass bottles
  • Restricted access to the building via skylights



The Solution

  • Short-notice cleaning of the machine and replacement of the electronics by a team of experts
  • Replacement investment:
    RENNER S 960-16 Servo Combi with two wet adhesive and one hot adhesive unit
  • Short-notice adjustment of machine dimensions



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Wet and hot adhesive on a single machine
Consolidated solution for PET and glass
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