Bière du Boxer

Strong and adaptable

The well-known brewery from Western Switzerland, Bière du Boxer, specifies and expands its striking packaging with the help of a RENNER S Syncro which can be set up in modular fashion.

Der Kunde

Die Herausforderung

Die Lösung

To be successful as a brewery, you do not only need excellent recipes, but also a considerable amount of stamina. “Bière du Boxer SA”, which was founded in 1960, is expressing this important characteristic, among others, with its striking signet in the form of a powerful dog’s head.

Made in Suisse Romande…

The well-known brewery from Yverdon will market its bottom-fermented product range from 2018 together with the top-fermented offering from Doppelleu Brauwerkstatt AG. Both companies rely on leading technology and both chose – independently of each other – the state-of-the-art labelling solutions from RENNER. As a result, the merger is benefiting from a harmonised foundation, even in technical terms.

…chooses Made in Germany

The labelling professionals from Southern Germany were already established at Boxer as a reliable partner for spare parts and new format parts when the previous labelling machine was due for renewal at the beginning of 2017 “Since the mechanical swing-top bottle alignment often led to incorrect labelling and production downtimes, we were searching for a more reliable solution,” explained Master Brewer Stefan Falk. At the same time, we also wanted to open up more labelling methods for ourselves for the future.”

The convertible RENNER S Syncro…

Stefan Falk believes that all the criteria are fulfilled with the selected RENNER S960 Syncro. The two-stage camera system and the servo-controlled pads align the 0.33 and 0.5-l swing-top bottles error- and wear-free before the back labels and, in some cases only 12 mm-wide, seal labels are applied. The output is up to 20,000 bottles/h and, in the case of the popular 0.25-l export format, up to 30,000 bottles/h. The monitoring is carried out by an available BBull unit which RENNER completely overhauled and integrated, in addition to a Domino laser. The data exchange with the production IT in accordance with the Weihenstephan Standard is currently being prepared.

…becomes a full RENNER S Modul

In light of new scope for design changes, it has since been decided to convert the S Syncro into a full modular machine of the S Modul type. For this step, RENNER is retrofitting docking stations with automatic height positioning controlled by servo motors, which do not need any tools or readjustments. In this way, the individual wet-adhesive units can be removed as required and replaced by self-adhesive dispensers. Another feature of the innovative S Syncro/Modul machine concept is the machine front table in a hygienic design, which selectively drains liquids to the ground and speeds up cleaning.

Requirements fulfilled, efficiency improved

As star wheels, label runners and infeed screws can be replaced quickly in just a few simple steps, the set-up times have been reduced from about 30 to 15 minutes when compared to the old machine. Even the adhesive consumption is lower because scrapers and the coating thickness on the adhesive roller can be adjusted precisely. Stefan Falk sees another advantage in the compact MOTION design which concentrates on the higher performance in the same amount of space and also improves the accessibility. “If I had to do this again, I wouldn’t change a thing,” summed up the satisfied Master Brewer. “RENNER handled our extended requirements well, and the technical details were clarified quickly and competently.”

“RENNER handled our extended requirements well, and the technical details were clarified quickly. If I had to do this again, I wouldn’t change a thing. ”

1. The rear of the new RENNER S Syncro reveals the compact design with integrated control cabinet and good accessibility of the feed line via two glass doors.

2. RENNER integrated an existing BBull unit for the label check.

3. Machine infeed with two-level camera system for adjustment and precise alignment of the flip-top bottles

4. Front view with new MOTION design and fixed wet-adhesive modules. The retrofittable docking stations result in a fully-fledged modular machine.



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