RENNER tax strip application - Extension is a thing of the past



Are you facing the challenge of providing one or more of your products with tax strips and are looking for a top-quality, space-saving and cost-effective solution?
With the development of the RENNER tax strip application, we have set ourselves the goal of offering you the best possible solution.
See for yourself and choose the RENNER tax strip application.

RENNER tax strip application

Integration over extension

Increasingly diverse variations of labels developed due to marketing strategies or legal requirements pose new challenges for our customers. In order to meet your cost-saving, space-saving and time-saving requirements, we have developed the RENNER tax strip application.

The legal requirement of labelling specific products with tax strips involves additional investment and the expansion of your product line. It is precisely the extension of the labelling machine and the resulting space requirements that create problems for our customers time and time again. We readily accept this challenge and supply you with our customary premium RENNER quality and the perfect solution at a low price – the RENNER tax strip application.

The RENNER tax strip application can be easily fitted to the existing labelling machine with appropriate calibration, without having to integrate a second labeller.

As early as the purchase of a new or reconditioned labelling machine, we can take the use of the application into consideration. You can integrate the tax strip application into the existing system without extensive conversions, excessive costs or lengthy set-up times.


  • Space-saving: Integration over extension
  • High efficiency: Low conversion costs
  • High flexibility: Thanks to retrofitting
  • All-in-one: Only one labelling cycle
  • Renner quality
  • Made in Germany    

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