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Do you want to achieve non-stop production by using self-adhesive labels? Then we have a high-quality, space-saving and cost-effective solution for you – the RENNER AutoSplicer.
Thanks to the self-developed AutoSplicer, we can offer you the opportunity to reduce the equipping time of your labelling machines to almost zero with the help of self-adhesive labels, saving you time and money.
Let yourself be convinced and choose the RENNER AutoSplicer.

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RENNER AutoSplicer

The solution for non-stop production

Reducing set-up times, increasing output quantities and, in doing so, achieving an increase in both turnover and cost savings is becoming a more and more important approach in the industry.


With the RENNER AutoSplicer, we offer you an opportunity to pursue this approach for processing self-adhesive labels in a targeted way and to reduce your set-up times to almost zero.


The RENNER AutoSplicer is an independent module which you can dock to existing labelling machines at a later stage as you need it, and above all very easily. Thanks to a digital signal exchange, the AutoSplicer communicates smoothly with the superordinated labelling machine (optional BUS system available on request).


As the AutoSplicer works with any format, you as a customer will no longer be faced by any time-consuming and expensive conversions. Only the locking bolt for the label reel pick-up needs to be adjusted to the label height. This procedure can be carried out on the supply reel during ongoing production, so the idle time remains minimal for a change in production. It is only necessary to change the locking bolt when changing the carrier tape height.  In addition, you can load the splicer during ongoing operation, meaning you can save time and money once again. The machine operator's only tasks are to change the label reels as required, and to prepare the adhesive process between the application reel and the supply reel.


The main feature of the RENNER AutoSplicer is the reliable adhesion of the reel start to the reel end.  Due to the extremely short splicing procedure (< 1 second) and the use of the so-called speed ramps for the tape buffer, the stability of the tape run and so the labelling itself are increased significantly.


In order to be able to offer you an integral package, as usual with Renner, you have the opportunity to buy a closed Renner system with the splicer, too. When you buy a unit including a waste disposal system (suction or winding), you have a RENNER package in the desired top quality.


Technical data


Height of the carrier tape:

20 mm to max. 148 mm

Label height:

12 mm to max. 145 mm

Reel diameter:

400 mm (standard), core Ø 76 mm (standard)


Inner & outer

Carrier tape material:

Paper & foil liner (> 30 µm)


No drive of the two unwinding plates

Unwinding and transport via the feed roller

Label tape speed:       

max. 120 m/min, regardless of the set-up of the RENNER AutoSplicer

Signal exchange (potential-free

via optical coupler):

ready, fault, pre-warning of reel end, splicing process active, system acknowledgement (ACK)

Upgrade optional on request





  • Space-saving: vertical arrangement of label reels
  • High efficiency: format-independent, so no conversion costs
  • Minimal set-up time: loading during ongoing operation is possible
  • High flexibility: available as left-hand and right-hand version
  • Health: ergonomically comfortable working height
  • Stability: stable tape progress thanks to extremely short splicing procedure; smooth and jerk-free carrier tape progress due to gentle control
  • All-in-one: disposal of the carrier foil by winding or suction
  • Renner quality
  • Made in Germany    

RENNER AutoSplicer
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