Setting the pace for  outstanding performance

At the highest-volume producer of pickled vegetables in Austria, two mirrored RENNER S Servo Combis determine the speed of the downstream conveying technology. The sophisticated control concept minimises the set-up time.

Green is the name of the game: Machland has a sustainable high-performance facility behind the main building


Whether it is a question of gherkins, spicy products and specialities, salads, fruit, sauerkraut or squeezes, the Machland product range is just as extensive as the range of own brands developed by the renowned producer of pickled vegetables. At this company in Donautal, Upper Austria, which was founded in 1970 and named after its home region, up to 350,000 jars and 130,000 squeeze pouches roll off the conveyor belt every day.


Combined jar labelling at high speed

Both of the high-performance lines for jars fill up to 300 containers every minute. To ensure this output with consistently high packaging quality and to form capacity reserves for the future, the company switched its entire technology from pasteurizers to cartoning. The main task of the two newly acquired labelling machines is to apply one wet-adhesive and one self-adhesive label in each case with the lowest possible operating and changeover effort.


Labelling machine sets the pace

In addition, the machines must communicate with the conveying technology of the interface partner, Heuft, in order to specify the speed for the following packaging line. The best overall package for this came from South Germany, explained the Head of Technical Operations, Andreas Kirsenhofer. The firm RENNER impressed us with their state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated solution concept.


S Servo Combi sets the pace

The two S960 Servo Combi machines are absolutely identical, right down to the mirrored layout, and so can be operated in a standardised way with low operating and spare-part costs. In the first step of labelling, the PSL (Pressure Sensitive Labels) dispenser applies either a lid sticker or a quality seal with an L-stripe to the jars in the sizes 370, 580 and 720 ml. After precise alignment using the servo-controlled bottle pads, the consumption-optimised wet-adhesive unit applies the body label.


Set-up times cut by a third

In comparison with the competitors, Andreas Kirsenhofer particularly emphasised the operating comfort of the RENNER S machines. Thanks to the excellent level of automation and practical equipment such as compound slides, colour-coded format parts and illustrated trolleys for fitting, all the configurations can be reproduced quickly and easily. This is also supported by the simple program selection with the 15-inch one touch panel. All in all, the time required for set-ups has been cut by a third.


Compact design, good accessibility

Andreas Kirsenhofer also had plenty of praise for the new MOTION design with the typically rounded corners: I was able to convince myself in person of the excellent processing and the low space requirements during a visit to Günzburg. I was also struck by the excellent accessibility that RENNER also manages to provide, partly due to the protective doors opening upwards.


At high speed to the ideal result

Taking all this and the short delivery time and the punctual commissioning on board, Andreas Kirsenhofer came to an entirely positive conclusion: RENNER impressed us in every respect. The cooperation was always most pleasant, and the machines were delivered ready for the fine tuning. That meant that we could achieve ideal results in an extremely short period of time. I can honestly recommend RENNER as an excellent partner.

The Client

  • The highest-volume producer of pickled vegetables in Austria with its own product range, brand development and contract bottling
  • Production capacity: up to 350,000 jars and 130,000 pouches per day


The Challenge

  • New combi-solution for wet-adhesive and self-adhesive labelling
  • High quality level for high-performance lines
  • Machine-to-machine communications with downstream conveying technology


The Solution

  • Two RENNER S960 Servo Combis, each with a wet-adhesive unit and a self-adhesive dispenser
  • Servo-controlled bottle pads align the body label with the lid sticker
  • Short set-up times thanks to the one touch panel, compound slides, trolley for fittings, etc.


The two mirrored RENNER S Combi machines set the pace in the hall.
Additional self-adhesive labels can now be affixed with minimum operating and conversion outlay.
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