The Chellange

For the new machine types Renner S SYNCRO and Renner S MODUL, Renner  developed a new, compact and energy-efficient drive concept for the gluing units.

Wet glue unit with new unit drive. Sectional view

New drive for wet glue units

The wet-glue labelling stations of the RENNER S labelling machines meet all conceivable requirements - from diagonal stripes, champagne loops and medallions, to pointed and round tinfoil, to U- and L-shaped tax strips.

With the newly developed compact design, each wet-glue unit is directly driven by its own independent and separately controllable servo motor.

In the new development, the servo motor is advantageously integrated into the gluing unit under the label carriage and is therefore better protected against dirt and moisture than with solutions known on the market.

By dispensing with the previous mechanical drive systems, RENNER ultimately increases the accuracy, reliability and economy of the machine.

Less wear and tear also means lower maintenance (total cost of ownership). The wet glue units are therefore almost maintenance-free.

Furthermore, due to this position of the servo motor, dating on the wet glue unit is still possible.

Other design features such as the automatic oil circulation lubrication of the watertight labelling stations remain unaffected.

Wet glue unit with new unit drive. Bottom view

Important Advantages

  • Maximum flexibility, even for complex labelling applications
  • Compact design
  • Energy efficiency, system-related savings
  • Motor better protected against moisture and dirt
  • No inaccuracies in labelling due to wear (TCO)
  • Dating / coding possible on the unit
  • Future security through brand components
  • Compliance: Compliance with the latest security regulations
Side view: Wet glue unit with new unit drive
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