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With its new modular machine series RENNER S Modular, RENNER continues to focus its portfolio on flexibility and future reliability.


The machine series enables up to six units for a wide variety of gluing methods to be combined, depending on the size of the bottle table. The spectrum ranges from wet adhesive labelling to self-adhesive labelling and hot adhesive with pre-cut wrap-around labels (Pre-Cut) or from the roll (Rollfed). The simultaneous operation of up to five modules is possible in conjunction with an alignment unit.

RENNER S Modul: Hygienic - Flexible - Innovative!


Less space, power and cleaning

Since the modules may be docked and undocked as needed, the RENNER S Modul requires less space and power in comparison with combination machines with fixed units. A retrofittable docking and lifting device, which uses servomotor technology to centre itself, enables the quick and simple conversion of individual modules – without the need for tools and readjustment. Amongst other features, a new machine front table guarantees simple cleaning of the stainless steel labelling solution. Its hygienic design eliminates horizontal surfaces and recesses, therefore preventing liquids and dirt from accumulating.

Flexible concept with investment protection

According to the manufacturer, the new modular machine also benefits from the fact that is it future-proof. Customers do not need to commit to a specific combination of units and alignment units and can instead start with a few modules and then upgrade gradually. Furthermore, in keeping with investment protection, RENNER has replaced almost all transmissions with independent servomotors. Even the starwheel and worm drives are driven by low-wear technology, so that even sensitive containers, such as light PET bottles, can be transported gently. 

Fewer costs, more control

By eliminating mechanical drive systems, such as cogs, chains and belts as far as possible, RENNER ultimately increases the precision, reliability and efficiency of the machine. The highly precise servo technology not only guarantees the precise alignment of labels and optimum usage of the brushing-on section; less wear also means fewer maintenance and overall costs (total cost of ownership). In order to guarantee ease of operation and maintenance, as well as process reliability, the design follows a consistent TPM-oriented Clean Design approach (Total Productive Management).  

Actively following trends and quick conversion

Since they can buy individual modules at a later point as required and can couple and decouple these as needed when changing product, food manufacturers supplied by RENNER benefit from particularly high flexibility. As a result, this ultimately enables them to not only follow current trends in product design, but also to relieve the pressure on operators in everyday work. The latter is achieved not only with the automatic positioning and motor-driven height adjustment of newly docked units, but also with efficiency-boosting options such as centring bottle plates in a quick change design. 


RENNER continues with the internationally successful launch of their RENNER S machine series with the new modular machine RENNER S Modul, placing an even greater focus on efficiency, precision and flexibility for the future.


Design features (selection):

  • Rotary machine with labelling units that can be combined to suit you
  • Wet adhesive units for pre-cut paper and foil labels (containers made from glass, plastic, metal and specially formed containers)
  • Pre-cut: with hot adhesive and hopper for pre-cut paper and foil labels
    (containers made from glass, plastic, metal and specially formed containers)
  • Roll-fed: hot adhesive roll-fed labelling with paper and foil labels
    (Containers made from PET and other plastics, as well as glass and metal)
  • PSL: dispenser for self-adhesive labels (PSL) e.g. “no-label look”
    (for containers made from glass, plastic, metal and specially formed containers)
  • Machine table in hygienic design
  • RENNER S Modul can couple and decouple the moduls


Optional accessory components (selection):

The RENNER S Modul offers all accessory components for individual solutions, including:

  • Bottle table with servo-driven bottle pads
  • Container alignment: mechanical, photoelectric or visual
  • Clamping stars for processing containers with varying diameter sizes
  • Central lubrication: automatic, safe and with optimised consumption
  • Container guide in hygiene design
  • Label monitoring: label, position, quality, best before date, etc.
  • Trolley for fittings: better overview, fewer mistakes, shorter set-up times


  • Maximum design flexibility, even for complex labels and containers
  • Less space, power and cleaning thanks to the modular expansions
  • Hygienic and efficient, hygienic front table with servomotors for the independent driving of starwheels, infeed worm and adhesive units

  • System-related savings
  • User-friendly, freely pivoting touch panel for simple operation at any point on the machine

  • Compliance: complies with the latest safety regulations
  • PLUS: Actively following trends and quick conversion
Docking and lifting device using servomotor technology to centre itself for a quick module change without the need for tools and readjustment
Hygienic machine table
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