Format parts for Krones labelling machines

Container guides
& fittings

Do you want to label a new product with an existing Krones machine? We manufacture the appropriate format parts for it. Fast, and in the usual RENNER quality.

  • Guide parts for glass, PET and metal containers
  • Label sets for round and specially formed containers
  • Advice and support throughout the project


Our range of services

  • Bottle stops
  • Infeed worms: low wear material, can be disengaged if required or as double Infeed worms
  • Infeed and discharge rails, long or short
  • Guide set: for linear, parallel or in angle version,
    also for foil labelling or with mechanical alignment
  • Bottle pad, cam or servo driven
  • Centering bells with single-hand quick change-over system
  • Container alignment: cam-driven or servo-driven
  • Clamping stars for containers with different diameters
  • Centering bottle pad for precise positioning on the bottle table, with quick change-over system
  • Retrofittings for body, front, neck ring and back labels – including label hopper, gripper cylinder, glue pallets, shafts for picking up the glue pallets and brushing-on stations
  • Special retrofittings for closure seal labels, including additional parts such as pressers, brake rolls and foil brushing-on units
  • Krones Taxomat: Retrofittings for attaching U-shaped and L-shaped tax strips, including label hopper, gripper cylinder, glue pallets and presser unit
  • Accessories: AMB (automatic hopper feed), including magazines
  • Retrofittings for wrap-around roll-fed labelling
  • Vacuum cylinders for standard and HS version
  • Accessories
    • Vacuum strips adapted to the corresponding vacuum cylinder
    • Brushing-on station for wrap-around labels
    • Centering bottle pad
  • Retrofittings for pre-cut labels made from foil or paper, including:
    • Label container
    • Adhesive roller and adhesive scraper and brushing-on station for wrap-around labels
    • Alternatively: Spray adhesive unit and brushing-on station for wrap-around labels
  • Retrofittings for self-adhesive labels made of foil or paper, including
    • Brushing-on station for self-adhesive labels
  • Retrofittings for Krones wet adhesive modules
  • Garnituren für Krones Contiroll Module
  • Retrofittings for Krones Canmatic modules
  • Retrofittings for Krones Autocol modules

Krones is a registered trademark, and has no connection to Krones AG.