Upgrade and retrofit

Krones machines

Do you need to respond to new trends on the market using your existing Krones machine? Perhaps a RENNER upgrade or retrofit is the right solution.

  • Short-term modernization for new framework conditions
  • State-of-the-art technology, contemporary enhancements
  • Minimum investment, maximum productivity

Our range of services

  • Replacing components that are outdated or no longer available as replacement parts
  • Retrofitting automation and control technology
  • Fittings and modification parts for new product designs
  • Renew bottle table, incl. control cams (construction, manufacture and installation)
  • Installing the latest RENNER technology
  • Hot adhesive update: Spray or roller gluing
  • Compliance upgrade to current safety regulations (machine, safety equipment)


Krones is a registered trademark, and has no connection to Krones AG.