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Brewing craft with a swing-top

The MORITZ FIEGE family brewery in Bochum not only selects its raw materials with the utmost care. Their new labeling solution also has to meet the highest standards.

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Marc Zinkler can’t be fooled. Anyone who has been bottling his beers almost exclusively in swing-top bottles for 20 years can tell immediately whether he is looking at a modified standard machine or one that has been designed and built specifically for swing-top bottles.

A few months ago, the 50-year-old Operations Manager at MORITZ FIEGE put a new labeling machine from RENNER into operation. And it has everything that the slow brewers and swing-top bottle lovers from Bochum need: from bottle guides and stable units with long brush-on distances to servo-motor-driven coarse and fine alignment, including error messages for swing-top closures that are slanted or open.

Changeover to servo technology

The sixth-generation family brewery bottles 75 percent of its specialty beers in Lochmund bottles. The other quarter is marketed in the steinie format. But it was precisely the handling of the smaller bottles that led to repeated problems with the previous machine from another manufacturer, which was around 18 years old, recalls Marc Zinkler. In addition, the purely mechanical machine showed high wear and increasingly produced a labeling image of fluctuating to insufficient quality.

A no-nonsense “swing-top machine”

In contrast, the performance of the new RENNER S1200 Servo almost makes the Fiege team forget their difficult past. Neck, belly, and seal labels are applied to each of the two formats with a high level of precision and reproducibility. And all this at an output of 30,000 bph. The servo-controlled container plates operate wear-free and are sealed against the intrusion of liquids. Another advantage: The larger bottle table with a diameter of 1,200 mm reduces angular speeds, which in turn pays off when it comes to process stability. Compared to the past, MORITZ FIEGE benefits from a consistent throughput with increased performance and quality. In addition, the machine is easy to operate, convert and clean. This saves valuable time in the day-to-day filling process. “While operating the old machine required very specific expertise, the RENNER machine is transparent and has good self-monitoring.”

Optimum service

Marc Zinkler describes the cooperation with RENNER as involved and solution-oriented. “You can sense that RENNER is genuinely interested in its customers and their challenges. The team is experienced, knowledgeable and quickly addresses any concerns.”

Ever since the machine was commissioned by an experienced and well-drilled team, it has been running completely smoothly, says Marc Zinkler happily.

“When it comes to swing-top labeling, there’s no getting around RENNER. I can only recommend working with them.”

1. Brewing-art in the steinie bottle: The “Perle” and “Tettnanger” aromatic hops give the traditionally brewed pils a fine tart character.

2. Operations Manager Marc Zinkler: “When it comes to quality, we don’t compromise. Beer connoisseurs notice this from the very first sip.” Beer connoisseurs notice this from the very first sip.”

3. RENNER UPDATE 2022Page 4 of 4“Together. With Fiege”: Hugo, Hubertus, Carla, and Jürgen Fiege (from left to right) are proud to be part of the Ruhr region’s cultural identity.

(4.) Engineered, Made in Germany: The RENNER S1200 Servo wet glue machine for Moritz Fiege is specially designed for swing-top bottles.