Neumarkter Lammsbräu

Breaking new ground together

Organic pioneer Neumarkter Lammsbräu also wants to make labeling sustainable, and decides on RENNER as a partner for new and existing tasks.

Der Kunde

Die Herausforderung

Die Lösung

There are not many breweries that have been producing sustainable organic beverages for several generations. That’s why the entire industry is especially interested in what Neumarkter Lammsbräu Gebr. Ehrnsperger KG is planning next. Not only in terms of beer, soft drinks and mineral water, but also in terms of design.

Sophisticated designs…

“The packaging must reflect the high standards we set for our ingredients and products,” says Johannes Ehrnsperger, Managing Director of the family business that is nearly 400 years old. Even if this is not always easy to realize on a technical level: The organic pioneer does not shy away from challenges. This is demonstrated, among other things, by the current glass formats used for BioKristall organic mineral water and “now” organic lemonades.

…technically flawless

The opportunity to expand the technical possibilities was provided by the recent construction of a second filling line. Neumarkter Lammsbräu picked the best supplier for each discipline in the new system. “With RENNER, we are banking on an experienced partner who can not only implement unusual designs, but also break new ground,” says Johannes Ehrnsperger. This willingness is important as we aim to use even more sustainable materials in the future, from PVC-free crown corks to labels made from FSC-certified or recycled paper and environmentally friendly inks.” When it comes to naturally degradable glue, the company is still in the early stages, but the experience to date with RENNER and the glue supplier fills the Managing Director with confidence.

The support has to be right

Johannes Ehrnsperger knows that the goals he has set can only be achieved with a functioning foursome of paper and glue manufacturers, printers and labelers. At RENNER, the family brewery found not only future-oriented technology but also the necessary consulting expertise and dedicated support with fast response times.

The “new” one had to be able to do everything

This experience is also shared by the former Head of Production, Karl-Heinz Maderer, who asked another brewery about their experience with RENNER in advance. “Our requirements were quite complex, as the new machine also provides us with a buffer for the first filling line. Consequently, the RENNER S960 also had to be able to map our previous product range. The first impression of a simultaneously robust and flexible machine that delivers optimum results has now been confirmed.”

Perfect fit on any shape

The fact that RENNER can also solve tricky tasks has been proven by the recently introduced formats and labels, which Johannes Ehrnsperger says are being processed perfectly. Thanks to targeted advice, even tapered neck areas are precisely labeled all the way around. “Switching to RENNER was definitely a step in the right direction,” confirms Johannes Ehrnsperger. “Both in terms of expanding our capacity and with a view to even more sustainable labeling.”

“High-quality products have to be perfect. Optimal labeling directly impacts sales and customer satisfaction.”

1. Company owner Johannes Ehrnsperger continues a brewing tradition of almost 400 years and is consistently focused on sustainability

2. Neumarkter Lammsbräu non-alcoholic in the characteristic 0.33 l gourmet bottle.

3. Company headquarters of the traditional

brewery in Neumarkt near Nuremberg.

4. Good for the environment and for resources: The high-quality organic products are to be labeled even more sustainably in the future.

(5.) Sophisticated design: Organic lemonade brand “now” with wrap-around label on tapered bottle neck.



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