Felsengarten Besigheim

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Solid machine construction, German engineering, top precision: The dynamic Felsengartenkellerei Besigheim sets the right course for the future.

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Farming the terraced vineyards below the “rock gardens” near Besigheim is hard work but worthwhile. Because here in the idyllic Neckar valley, there is a unique microclimate that provides the carefully and organically cultivated vines with plentiful sun and warmth. The valuable steep-slope wines are becoming increasingly well-known thanks partly to the particularly high-quality production equipment used to make them.


elsengartenkellerei Besigheim eG is a classical, yet higlhy dynamic viticultural association. Their exceptionally wide range covers a wide variety of quality levels and tastes, but is always perfectly staged. To fulfill even very special customer requests, a part of the bottling line was renovated after 15 years. Because of the limited space available, the winemakers opted for space-optimised individual machines, including a modular labeling solution from RENNER. “We were immediately impressed by the solid design,” says Managing Director Hans-Georg Schiller, who is also an experienced mechanical engineer. “The design grandly stands out in the competitive environment, promises a long shelf life and saves us considerable time with activities such as cleaning.”


Another point in favour of RENNER was the integrated solution for applying U-bands, which saves the cooperative an extra control strip applicator. The integrated laser also applies official inspection numbers and other information to the label with pin-sharp clarity and can also engrave an identification number in the bottle if needed. The camera-based control system checks not only the coding on the labels but also their presence and position. This avoids any need for costly reworking.


Another camera system plays a central role in bottle alignment. This is done right after completion of the glass seam, before the extra-wide labels are applied. “Because of the small length between the beginning and the end of the label, even the smallest deviations are quickly noticeable,” explains cellarer Sebastian Häußer. “That’s why we place a lot of emphasis on precision.” The cooperative with its new RENNER S1800 module also likes to stay on the safe side with its security for the future: the four docking stations, two wet-glue modules and three self-adhesive dispensers yield around 200 possible label combinations for product design. The modules can be changed without using tools or making adjustments, and thus takes only a few minutes.


Compared to competitors, Sebastian Häußer can see yet another difference at RENNER. To our previous partners, we were just an underling; response times were too long for us. At RENNER on the other hand, we have a personal technical contact who gives us immediate advice and starts taking appropriate measures quickly if our needs demand it. They generally use the same local technicians, who are also highly familiar with our system. From my point of view, we are clearly in the Champions League when it comes to labelling. “

“RENNER stands out with its solid mechanical engineering, innovation and optimal service. It doesn’t get better than this.”

Tough but rewarding: A grape harvester brings the precious grapes to the collection point.

Picturesque: The sun-blessed rock gardens above the Neckar.

Quality: This is the centre and benchmark of all trade for the winemakers at Felsengartenkellerei Besigheim eG.

The harvest is followed by diligent handwork in the cellars.