Ramseier Suisse AG

With tradition into the modern age

For the redesign of the historic brands ELMER Citro and ELMER Mineral, RAMSEIER Suisse AG chooses an economical combination of converting existing machines and using new RENNER S960 with a camera system for visual bottle alignment.

Der Kunde

Die Herausforderung

Die Lösung

Even the people back in the Middle Ages were aware that the reddish-coloured water on the left side of the valley in Elm was something very special. Finally, in 1925 Oskar Schärli, the owner of the spa hotel in Elm, had the idea of filling the “healing” mineral water into glass bottles and, as well as that, he also created a lemon drink two years later that is still popular to this day. ELMER Citro was born.


Even today, the owner, RAMSEIER Suisse AG, is still maintaining the unchanged name and natural recipe. However, one new element is the appearance, that was launched for the 90th anniversary and that emphasises the history of the company and its close ties to the region. The locally blown green and transparent PET bottles of ELMER Citro and ELMER Mineral are immediately recognisable by their characteristic mountain panorama. The same applies to the new glass bottles, which also show the ELMER logo as an additional relief.


In order to tackle the redesign in technical production terms, it was planned on the one hand to adjust the wrap-around labelling for the PET bottles and, on the other hand, to equip the glass line with a new solution that can label up to 16,000 bottles/h. “For both projects, we deliberately searched for a small or medium-sized supplier, because we wanted to keep the procurement and subsequent costs low and to organise the procurement of spare parts as independently as possible,” remembered Fuat Sen, Project Manager at RAMSEIER Suisse AG. “With RENNER, we have found a partner who

could satisfy all our requirements.”


The RENNER team fitted the existing Krones Contiroll with new format parts for the PET sizes 33 cl, 50 cl and 1.5 l, and added a RENNER S960 to the glass line. Servo-driven bottle pounds and the three-level camera system aligning the 33, 50 and 75-cl bottles in such a way that the wet-adhesive label is positioned precisely in the centre under the logo embossing. As well as a label presence check, RENNER also integrated a Domino laser – with automatic height adjustment for the first time. There is also a preparation for an optional swing-top alignment.


One of the features that makes a positive contribution to economic efficiency is the typical RENNER compound slide, with which the wet-adhesive unit can be moved from service position to operating position without any manual readjustment. “Due to small batches, we often have to convert the machines after about an hour,” explained Fuat Sen. “So reproducible settings are extremely useful for our productivity, as well as the “one touch” program selection on the control panel and the quick-action locks on the bottle pads. For the future, it is possible to retrofit a self-adhesive dispenser for campaign stickers.”


Fuat Sen is delighted with the new machine and the progress of the project. All the formats worked straight away, and the delivery and commissioning were completed down to the very hour.”

In addition to the remote maintenance service, the Project Manager also appreciates the assigned contact partner and the highly qualified staff at RENNER. “All the mechanics, electrical engineers and programmers were highly competent and supported both of our projects with great commitment.”

„All the formats worked straight away, and the delivery and commissioning were completed down to the very hour.“

1. Why just bottle “fizzy water”? A lemon drink was developed 90 years ago in Elm, Switzerland, and the Swiss still love it to this day.

2. The RENNER S 960 Servo sets itself apart with a high level of reproducibility of the settings, amongst other things.

3. Project manager Fuat Sen (left) and maintenance manager Stefan Glaus (right) in front of the swivelling One Touch Panel.

4. Re-design with mountain panorama: The two traditional brands ELMER Citro and ELMER Mineral have a fresh new look.