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With the currently largest and fastest modular machine from RENNER, the Ustersbach brewery is laying down a future-proof basis for efficient non-stop labelling.

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Good beer needs time. In line with this motto, the Schmid family brewers exercise their craftmanship with utmost care. Gentle wort boiling, fermentation with selected yeasts and several weeks of maturing pay off: All the Ustersbacher beer specialities won an impressively long string of DLG gold medals in 2019. Our handling of natural resources and personal contact with customers are also highly exemplary. To this day, the family brewery employs its own drivers to deliver its full range of beer, natural Ustersbacher mineral water and soft drinks


Because success is guaranteed with so much attention to detail, the over 400-year-old brewery modernised the entire wet section of its three-shift bottling plant. Since then, the largest and fastest module machine in the RENNER range – the S2400 module – has been the crowning glory of the glass line. „At that time, we consciously decided against a block solution to ensure us greater flexibility in the future,“ reports Technical Director Josef Geh.


In the current expansion phase, three of the six potential docking stations are each equipped with a wet glue module and fed by automatic label magazines for continuous operation. In addition to the 0.5 l NRW format which is provided with body, neck and back labels, the machine is already designed for L-striped Steinie bottles – including follower and plasma sprayer for pretreating the painted surface of the crown cap. In addition to providing label control via barcode, RENNER also integrated the previous laser printer.


In addition to the maximum output of 72,000 bottles per hour, the RENNER S2400 module also stands out with its excellent workmanship, high efficiency and smooth running performance, as stated by Josef Geh. Since the in- and outfeed are on one side, the entire machine can be operated without cumbersome traversing of the conveyor belt. „Efficiency was particularly important to us because we wanted to take advantage of the resulting cost reduction to give our customers some price savings,“ explains Josef Geh. „Further efficiency advantages should be provided by the planned operating data acquisition, which is carried out according to Weihenstephan standards via the data interface of the machine.“


Leading up to the purchase decision, RENNER had already proved its worth for many years as a service and spare parts partner for the previous labelling solution from Krones. „Machine availability is our top priority,“ says Josef Geh. „That is why we value response times and high-quality service. Both have been reconfirmed during installation and commissioning. There was also beautifully smooth cooperation with the interface partners Krones, Heuft Systemtechnik and Beyer Maschinenbau. We are now on the cutting edge of technology.“

“We consciously decided against a block solution. The RENNER S2400 module helps give us the optimal set-up for the future.”

1. Ustersbacher Urhell: The radiant sheen of the bottom-fermented draught beer guarantees divine pleasure.

2. At the private brewery in the Augsburg Western Forests Nature Park, the beer is given plenty of time to develop its flavour.

3. The Schmid family is proud of their craftsmanship and practical sustainability.

4. Fast and flexible: the new modular machine in action.