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The inventors of alcohol-free wine also want to get the most out of their labelling. RENNER supports the complex task with a highly automated and easy-to-use machine.

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More than 100 years ago, Dr. Carl Jung made a groundbreaking invention: a process that completely removes alcohol from wine, while preserving its aromas. This patented method has been successfully used ever since to produce more and more fruity, tangy alcohol-free sparkling wines1 and wines in many varieties, including organic quality wines.


Alcohol-free beverages are popular in almost 40 countries today. Around ten million bottles, including contract bottling, go on sale every year, with packaging becoming increasingly important. As part of a comprehensive upgrade, Carl Jung is also renewing the labelling solution. The combined machine chosen by RENNER is intended to raise performance, cost-efficiency and flexibility to a new level.


The complex requirements specification is reflected in the extensive features of the RENNER S Servo Combi. Three wet glue stations and three self-adhesive dispensers as well as a camera system for precise servo-motorized bottle alignment open up numerous design options for a maximum of 10,000 bottles/h: with neck bows and banderoles or on new formats such as Carmen, jug or airplane bottles. Champagne bottles are precisely positioned on the cap using a UV spot. The result is checked by numerous control systems – including text recognition and legibility checks using OCR and OCV2. The level of service, however, was another important factor that tipped the scales. “By opting for RENNER we found a provider who speaks your language, is easily accessible and can reliably deliver spare parts,” says Jörg Wilhelm, Technical Director at Carl Jung.


In terms of cost-efficiency, RENNER boasts a number of integrated facilities that shorten the conversion times. “The constant conversion and adjustment tasks for a total of 50 format-label combinations required an enormous amount of time and effort,” explains Jörg Wilhelm. “Most of these unproductive tasks are no longer required, since all settings are stored directly in the formulas and are configured automatically.” This also includes the gluing heights. With up to three different heights per bottle type, this saves a considerable amount of time. Thanks to a compound slide, the stations can also be moved from service to the working position without readjustment. The machine clearly visualizes format part changes on the swivel-mounted touch display.


In the long term, the individual formulas should go directly from the ERP system to production. The machine is already equipped for this task as well. “RENNER was the only supplier who managed to implement our complex requirements in a comparatively compact machine,” emphasizes Jörg Wilhelm. “We are confident that we have made the choice and that we can implement our goals quickly and safely.”

Sparkling beverage made from alcohol-free wine.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR); Optical Character Verification (OCV): Quality and legibility check of a print.

“RENNER was the only manufacturer that accepted our complex challenge and offered us a compact and easy-to-use solution. ”

Dr. Carl Jung launched his patented process for the gentle dealcoholization of wine at Boosenburg Castle more than 100 years ago.

Historical appeal to car enthusiasts.

Vineyard above the rhine, near Rüdesheim.

“Wine needs flavor, not alcohol.” Dr. Young’s vision is now pursued by the fifth generation.